Upcoming Classes

Teens & Library

Price: $210.00

Dates: Wednesdays: 9/30/20, 10/7/20, 10/14/20, 10/21/20, 10/28/20, 11/4/20 - Follow Up class with teacher 12/03/2020

Time: 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm

This package includes 6– 45 minute sessions plus 1 complimentary follow-up session one month after sessions are complete. During the complimentary session, parents are invited to discuss their child’s progress and engage in meaningful dialogue to support ideas and additional support. All sessions are taught by an Occupational Therapist who is certified in The Zones of Regulation.  

Zones of Regulation: Claiming Communication Independence By Stepping Into The Zone

The Zones of Regulation is the ultimate mode of communication for the individual who struggles to communicate their needs. The Zones of Regulation is a complete social-emotional learning curriculum that teaches children Self-Regulation and Emotional Control.  The Zones are a systematic and cognitive behavioral approach developed to teach others to communicate their physical and emotional needs which can lead to a sense of independence.   The Zones Curriculum is designed to help your child better understand their emotions, sensory needs and thinking patterns.  Your child will learn to communicate and manage their needs based on a color zone.  Examples of the color zones: SAD, BORED, TIRED, SICK -  EXCITED, SILLY, FRUSTRATED, NERVOUS, HYPER, CALM, HAPPY, FOCUSED, READY TO LEARN, OUT OF CONTROL, ANGER,  


Comic Book Creations

Students will learn the tools necessary to write and create their own comic book through a fun and interactive class. This class will focus on supporting student’s understanding and development of characters, plots, conflicts, and solutions while having fun. These skills can help further support student’s expressive and receptive language, creativity, imagination,  artistic development, and social interactions. Students will work together to develop their very own Creative Communicators Comic Book. (Ages 7 & up).

Price: $210.00

Dates: Saturday Mornings as follows: 9/26/20, 10/3/20, 10/10/20, 10/17/20, 10/24/20, 11/7/20, 

Time: 10:00 am 

Class instructed by Speech and Language Pathologist Mark Corallo, MA CCC/SLP

Comic Book Creature

Stories Come Alive- Get Ready To Tell Your Story

iIn this amazing fun filled class, student’s will have the opportunity to make their “Stories Come Alive”. In this engaging  class led by a Speech and Language Pathologist, students learn to create, write, and act out their own story over a period of 10 weeks. All stories that come alive are developed based on the interests and motivations of  each and everyone who attends the class. Throughout the process students will gain skills in social interactions, language skills, reading and writing, narrative development, and use of their imagination. Each Class is 45 -60 minutes in length.  (Ages 7 & Up)

Price: $210.00

Dates: Thursday Evenings as follows: 10/15/20, 10/22/20, 10/29/20, 11/5/20, 11/12/20, 11/19/20, 

Time: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Class instructed by Speech and Language Pathologist Mark Corallo, MA CCC/SLP

Piles of Books

Early Learning Academy with Ms. Jeanie and the Professor

Preschoolers and Kindergarteners will have the time of their lives developing speech and language skills alongside Ms. Jeanie and her trusty sidekick The Professor; a fun and fantabulous Speech and Language Pathologist. Each week, this comedic duo will keep children engaged by helping them develop early learning skills through music, books, poetry and fun, interactive, and engaging activities to support language and academic development. Students will have the opportunity to ask Ms. Jeanie and the Professor questions and parents will be provided with follow up activities to support their child or children. 

(Ages 3-6) Classes are 45 minutes in length. 

Price:  $210.00

Dates: Saturday mornings as follows: 10/10/20, 10/17/20, 10/24/20, 11/7/20, 11/14/20, 11/21/20

Time: 11:30 am

Class instructed by Pre-School Director Ms. Jeanne Corallo and a licensed Speech Pathologist