Public Speaking

Mark has provided numerous workshops and professional development for families, therapists, and teachers in the US and India with focus in understanding the language and social skill needs of individuals with Autism, Spectrum Disorder. Mark's Topics often focus on : Social Skill interactions in self-contained and mainstreamed classrooms & Social Skills through theater and the arts.  Mark has also consulted with various school districts in New Jersey with focus on supporting the language learning and social skill needs of students through grades k through 12. If you would like to book Mark for a speaking engagement or consultation please click the button below.

Children's Book

Please join Spootie and the Ooties on a language learning journey. Ootie seems to take things a bit literally and needs to rely on his new friend to help him understand the true meaning of friendship. Readers will have a blast Listening to or learning these fun filled rhymes. 


Spootie and the Ooties is available on: and

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